>A warning from the Bureau of Transformation Control


The BTFC would like to once again remind you that the transformation of humans for the purpose of transport is illegal. We would also like to remind you that ex-humans detected in luggage may be confiscated and can be held as evidence for up to four years. The BTFC will not be held responsible for any ex-humans lost, damaged, or worn during this time. If found guilty of transporting or smuggling transformed humans, you may face a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

We would also like to stress the risks present in using transformation technology or magic in this way. If using time-sensitive automatic-reversal morphs, be aware that flight delays can leave loved ones trapped mid-flight, potentially resulting in injury and death.

If you have any ex-humans to declare, please speak to a member of your cabin crew immediately, and they will be dealt with accordingly.

TF smart. TF safe.

The Bureau of Transformation Control

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2 Responses to >A warning from the Bureau of Transformation Control

  1. arude2 says:

    >what happens if you are just transporting clothing that used to be human, but you have no plans to turn them back ever?

  2. Guyote says:

    >That's perfectly legal, assuming you've filled in the appropriate Change of Form forms that reclassify them as clothing, either permanently or for the period of time that they'll be out of the country.

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