>"Always bring a banana to a party."


Kate: Hehe. I can’t wait until Jason sees me tonight. I look good enough to eat.
Sarah: Not yet you don’t… *ziiip*
Kate: Huh? Hey! I cant move my arms! W-when did you get so big? P-put me down!
Sarah: I can’t just leave a little banana lying around on the floor. Somebody could step on you.
Kate: I’m not a ban- wait, you did this! You swapped my costume for a banana bodysuit! You bitch! Take it off now! No, not like thaaaAARRRHH!

Sarah: Now you look good enough to eat… But I think I’ll let you chill in the freezer first. Anyway, I gotta split; the guests’ll be here soon and I’m not even in costume yet. Wish me luck with Jason tonight. He’s so appealing.

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2 Responses to >"Always bring a banana to a party."

  1. gugubu says:

    >Nice one, hope the banana will get a tasty companion soon 🙂

  2. kronostar says:

    >some fun puns and I loved the doctor who reference.

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