Rebecca: I can’t believe this. One small shopping trip with the girls and two flat tyres. Mandy, it looks like you rolled on a nail.
Mandy: Owie. Becky, I don’t think I wan’t to be a spare tyre any more. The puncture hurts and the spinning is making me sick. Please please turn me back.
Rebecca: But we’re only half-way home. We’ll just have to patch you up and refill you. Open wide!

Mandy: But! – mmhr mhhh mrhmuh!
Rebecca: Okay, now that you can’t yell at me I’ve got some bad news. That puncture means that my magic won’t work on you. I can’t turn you back. I’m so sorry.
Clara: At least your kids can have a great tyre swing.
Mandy: Mmhrmm!
Rebecca: I don’t think that’s helping.

[Idea by Greg]

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One Response to >Tyred

  1. Greg says:

    Sorry for not commenting sooner. Great cap thank you

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