>Shelf life II


This creep couldn’t wait to get me home. Nothing I say affects him. When I told him I’m a guy that just made him more excited, and now that he knows if he uses me I’ll be trapped this way forever he’s racing to get naked. What a dick. If I was still a man I’d tear him a new love hole.

Here he comes. *gulp* Wh-what a dick! I hope my girlfriend gets here soon or I won’t be a “beginner” love doll for much longer.

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2 Responses to >Shelf life II

  1. gugubu says:

    >Lol, so great ^^Btw., does he/she/it talk in a male or female voice?

  2. Guyote says:

    >You raise a good point. I figured a man, as I could see no reason for his girlfriend to change his voice. Unless she was being exceptionally mean.You decide though.

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