>Grrrrr! Ramblerambleramble

>Warning! Angry rant follows…

Has anybody tried to manage their Google accounts? It’s a convoluted, twisted hellish nightmare akin to Brazil. In general I go out of my way to keep my real internet life and my TF-posting internet life seperated, but it seems every time you make a gmail account or a youtube account, google insists on trying to clump them all together into one hideous amalgamate blob of an account, which has about three email addresses and four passwords, none of which can be relied on to work at any given moment.

Yesterday, I set up a Gmail account for the sake of setting up a fake, throwaway Facebook account. Signing into my google account later, I suddenly discover that the new account is now my primary Gmail/Blogger/Google account. And nothing can be done to seperate them back into their component useful / fake-and-throwaway parts, or to even change the primary email address to the old one that I actually use, or even to a gmail account more in line with my online moniker. At no point did I check a box or hint that I wanted the two accounts even remotely associated with each other. Checking the forums reveals that this problem has been around since 2009. So I’m kinda stuffed.

I can’t even explain the problem fully because the whole thing is such a confusing, incomprehensible mess. I feel like a fly wrapped up in a spiderweb and the more I struggle the more entangled and trapped I get.

Anywho, this problem essentially brought to light the considerable energy I put into keeping my TF interests seperate and secret from friends and family, and the inherent instability of the situation. Having such a long and sordid internet past, it seems only a matter of time before one of the loose ends gives the whole game away.

Ah well. Guess I’ll have to just have to work on damage control for when the big reveal comes. My current favourite excuse is that a pop up made me do it.

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3 Responses to >Grrrrr! Ramblerambleramble

  1. Tapp says:

    >This sounds pretty terrible. I don't fully understand exactly what you are describing but it sounds very odd that there is not a way to dissociate you various google accounts. At the very least you can de-activate accounts. When you made a new google account and it asked for an existing email address to send information to, did you use on of your other accounts you did not want google associated with? That could do it.

  2. houseboyforu says:

    >Not that this will help you much, but I think it easier to separate them if you open them up in different web browsers.

  3. Guyote says:

    >Thanks for your help. It looks like I'll just have to deal with it.TBh it's a minor inconvenience, just made thouroughly annoying by the fact that goggle could sort it out in about 30 minutes of programming time if they so wanted to.I think it did ask for an email acconut to be associated with, but I assumed that was just for the sake of password reclamation. Always read the fine print.

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