Underspelled stole my Lego pun :(

Helen: I think the nanobots are done. You can start breaking me apart now.
Brian: Sure. (He reaches up and snaps off her arms.) This is a really nice thing you’re doing.
Helen: Well, your nephew can hardly stay for the weekend without any toys, can he? Just make sure he doesn’t loose too many of the grey pieces. I’d like most of my brain intact, thank you.
Brian: I’ll watch him like a hawk. If he eats any of them, I’ll know. By the way, I was thinking, when I’m rebuilding you, if there’s any pink blocks left over… how would you like to go up a bra size?
Helen: Honey, as long as I’ve still got two arms and two legs, I don’t care.

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2 Responses to Underspelled stole my Lego pun :(

  1. gugubu says:

    Nice one, but I wonder: how does Brian want to put her back together without a plan!?
    Maybe she ends up as one of these:

  2. underspelled says:

    Nope, stole it from Leggo My Eggo 😉 lol. Lego TF’s are really fun, nice cap.

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