Wesley Crusher allowed a small smile to cross her lips as she watched Data enter the command to begin purging the ship’s memory banks of all-but-vital data. It had been a week since the holodeck malfunction had swapped his mind into Deanna Troi’s body and trapped her mind as computer code. A week filled with more computer bugs and malfunctions than the ship had seen in its entire history, as the councelor’s datafied mind struggled to make contact with the crew.

As the purge swept through the holodeck’s memory buffers, the lights stopped flickering, the gravity stabilised, and the garbled comms ceased entirely. The trapped, resentful presence Wesley had sensed since acquiring the betazoid body was finally gone, and this body was truly his.

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2 Responses to Crusher

  1. gugubu says:

    So the real Deanna Troi was ‘purged’ from the holodeck… maybe she ended up in a replicator memory bank… and gets replicated as Gagh!

  2. Eric says:

    WOW delightfully wicked little story. I love the smile. I wonder how the new Deanna is doing with Riker?

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