Deanna Troi’s datafied mind raced down the circuits and bio-neural gel packs of the Enterprise’s vast computer network. She could feel the memory purge hot on her heels, and knew somehow that if it caught her her mind would be deleted forever like a piece of junk data.

Dodging through the surveilence computer server, she caught a glimpse of Wesley in her body on the command deck. She didn’t need her empathic abilities to interpret that smug smile on his lips. She paused for a moment, remembering the feel of her body with something approaching nostalgia. The last week had felt like years.

It was only a millisecond’s reflection, but long enough for the purge to all but surround her. Left with no other choice, she dived into a replicator, severing the link to the network behind her. It was cramped in the replicator’s memory buffers, certainly not big enough for a betazoid mind; she’d sacrificed a lot, memories mostly, just to fit. But at least she was alive.

Time passed. Somebody activated the replicator, tearing her electric mind from the buffers; imprisoning it in molecules. As the glimmer of the replicator faded, she stared up at a familiar face, staring down at her with a quizzical expression.

“How did you…?” Wesley asked, poking the Ktarian Chocolate Puff with a finger. He sensed the mind inside recoil in horror. He shrughed, removing Deanna from the replicator tray. “replicator – a spoon please. A small one. I’d like to take my time.”

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